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¡Introducing the Ultimate ADHD Planner, designed to revolutionize the way you manage your daily life and stay on top of your goals! This planner is your all-in-one solution to conquer distractions and improve focus. With the focus planner’s monthly and daily hyperlinks, you can effortlessly navigate through your tasks and priorities, making sure you don’t miss a beat.

¡Say goodbye to overwhelming chaos and take a simplified approach to productivity!

Perfectly designed for:

Optimize your time

Organize your responsibilities

Be more orderly and efficient

Let's see the Details:

❖ Pages: 156

❖ Dates: January to December 2023

❖ Dated pages: Calendar, annual, 

monthly, weekly and daily.

❖ Password tracker

❖ Wheel of life

❖ ADHD Tax

❖ Hyperfocus Flower

❖ Name of new friends

❖ Books and Podcasts

❖ Assignment tracker

❖ Limiting beliefs

❖ Expense tracker

❖ Family budget

❖ Savings tracker

❖ Food Tracker for Takeaway

❖ Debt solvent

❖ Income vs expenses 

❖ Self-care checklist 

❖ Impulse Purchase Tracker

❖ Phone call focus

❖ Relaxation strategy 

❖ Color cards to calm 

❖ Daily Brain Dump

❖ Monthly planner

❖ Weekly planner


❖ Daily agenda

✦ 1 PDF file with the Planner.

✦ 1 PDF file with instructions for use and 



Both files will be sent immediately by 

email. Download it and you can start 

using it.

✓ An iPad, tablet, computer or mobile 



✓ A note-taking app that supports 

hyperlinked PDFs and allows you 

to write about them.


✓ An Apple Pencil or Stylus if you use 

an  iPad or tablet is  highly 

recommended for Enjoy the best


These are users’ favorite notes apps: 


★ iPhone and iPad: Goodnotes, 

Noteshelf, Notability, ZoomNotes and 



★ Mac: Goodnotes, Noteshelf, 

Notability, and ZoomNotes.


★ Android devices: Noteshelf and Xodo.



★ Windows devices: Xodo

Immediately receive by email the 

planner and instructions for use. 


➣ If you do not receive it, check your 

Spam folder, in case it has gone there.


➣ If you do not find it in Spam, contact 

us and we will be happy to send you 

the files.

The product you can find in this store is 100% digital, immediate download, so it is not possible to refund it, since the item cannot be returned and remains the property of the buyer. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Compatible with the main applications of Notes:












¿Still not convinced?

Meet the Agenda that will multiply your productivity and boost your inner development

Here's what our customers say:

Rachel Beekis
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I loved it, it is very intuitive and perfect for a good organization.
Emma Hughes
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It's a beautiful agenda, perfectly organized; With everything you need to organize every aspect of your day, just what you were ❤️ looking for It's a great job, thank you very much.
Virginie Brugging
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Agenda of excellent design and great functionalities. Perfect for my daily use at work and at home. I use it with the Notability app and it's great. Recommended 100%
Hanna Collins
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I love the planner, this is going to change my life!. It has everything you could need in school, home, work and business. It will help you facilitate your day to day, plan, organize, etc. To install it is very easy. I recommend it!

Frequently asked questions

Digital planners have been perfectly designed to be used in conjunction with any PDF notes application. Examples include Goodnotes, Notability, ZoomNotes, Noteshelf, Xodo, Penly.

The experience is designed to be used on a tablet, computer or mobile phone.

Yes, once the purchase is made, you will have access to the planner and the instruction guide with the step by step of its use and functionality.

Our product is 100% digital and will be available for download, immediately after purchase, it will be sent to your email.

Yes, it is a PDF file. You can use it on an unlimited number of devices and sync it with your app.

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